10 tips to improve your website

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10 Tips to Improve Your Website

Simple Website NAvigation

1. Simple Website Navigation

Make sure your website navigation is simple and easy to use.

Quick Site Speed

2. Quick Site Speed

Internet users have a very short attention span so it’s important to make sure your website loads quickly.

If your site speed is not quite up to scratch, we can help you to identify ways in which to improve this as soon as possible.

3. Responsive Design

These days it is absolutely essential to have a mobile friendly website.

There is a significant number of visitors using their mobile to view websites and if your site doesn’t have a responsive design this can drastically reduce conversion rates.

Use Images Wisely

4. Use Images Wisely

Imagery is incredibly effective online; however, you have to use them wisely.

If possible, it is more effective to use images that are unique. Too many stock images can make your website look less personal.

Flat Design

5. Flat Design & White Space

Flat design is one of the most current web design trends which has replaced the outdated gradient design.

Don’t be afriad of white space, it can make your website look modern & draw the users eye to important information.

6. Effective Calls to Action

Calls to action are important in guiding your users to complete goals.

To create an effective call to action you need to make sure that the wording is correct and that the design of the CTA stands out and catches the users eye!

Testimonial Pages

7. Testimonial Pages

Testimonial pages are a great way to instil trust in your service as it allows visitors, and potential customers, to see what other users have said.

Testimonials can have an effect on conversion rates so it’s important to have them when possible.

INsight into business

8. Insight Into Business

Your website should give a good insight into your business as this builds trust between you and your users.

Creating a comprehensive about us section, a meet the team page and using unique images really helps to give a more personal touch to the website.

9. Create Useful Content

On the web Content is King and it can be a great way to improve your website.

You should aim to deliver truly useful content that is easy to read, this allows you to become an authority on the relevant subject and people may come back for more!

Professional Features

10. Professional Features

Having a wide range of features & good functionality adds a little extra to your website & can put your site above the rest, making it truly stand out.

Features We Offer

  • FAQ Section

  • Testimonial Section

  • Gallery

  • Checklists, Counters & More

  • Content Boxes

Features We Offer

  • Sliders
  • Widget Areas
  • Customer Login Areas
  • Tab Areas
  • Youtube Functionality & More!
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