We all know how powerful google can be in your journey to reach more people and grow your business. Local SEO is very powerful and we have touched upon How to Promote Your Business Locally Online in our blog.

So, you want to arrive on Google’s first page?

Here are the three main ways you might be able to achieve that:

  1. Google Adverts (Pay per click)
  2. Local Listings
  3. Natural Rankings

Each method has it’s own advantages and disadvantages for you to consider.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google offers a service whereby you can pay to have your website appear on the front page when people are searching for things your business might offer. Appearing at the top and even to the side of the page, Google will place an ‘ad’ sign next to the result but they are increasingly beginning to look more and more like natural results.


  • Instant results: this could help your website to appear on the front page within a much shorter time frame.
  • Less work: It’s getting harder and harder to rank your website on Google’s first page. Google Ad’s can cut out the hard work and, as above, give you instant results
  • Placement: Google Ad’s will place your site at the top, making it more likely to be clicked than lower ranking websites.


  • Costly: If you’re a smaller company with a smaller budget this might not be ideal as you will have to pay everytime someone clicks the ad. It is cheaper, although more time consuming, to rank on the first page naturally.
  • Bidding: You will face competition from other sites offering similar services/products. If this is the case there can sometimes be competiton for adverts and their placement on the page. If you pay more, the more likely it is to appear. This might be ok if you’re a larger company with a bigger budget but would not be ideal for a smaller business.

Local Listings

The local listings section on Google is the top 3 local businesses relevant to the google search. To achieve top 3 status can be alot of work, some of the essential things that need to be done are as follows:

  • Set up a Google My Business Page
  • A long lengthy description of the business
  • Choose correct categories for the services you business provides.
  • Add an address & phone number, it is essential these are correct.
  • Add high quality photo’s, the more the better.
  • If possible, get reviews from customers/clients.

Another essential step is that your NAP (name, address, phone number) is on every page of the website and is consistent. See our blog post on How to Promote you Business Online to read more in depth detail about local SEO. All of this is essential in ranking on the first page as well as in the top 3 local listings.

  • Stands out: The local listing section stands out, people will be more likely to visit a website in that area before any other.
  • Not costly: Although it can take a lot of time & effort, it is possible to make it to the top 3 local listings without spending a great deal. This is ideal for small businesses.


  • Time: When running a business it can be hard to find the time to make sure every box is ticked.
  • Top 3: There are only 3 spaces for businesses to appear, this makes it even harder to get you page to show on Google’s first page and it can also be hard to maintain it’s position.

Natural Listings

Ranking on google’s fist page naturally means ranking anywhere from top to bottom on the first page. Not many people will look past the first page of google so, if you want to grow you business, it is important to get there!
Making it to the illusive first page can be very challenging, some of the ways to improve your ranking is as follows:

  • Create original & quality content.
  • Use appropriate images.
  • Be active in the online community, including social media.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many more things for you to do to improve your chances to arrive on google’s first page!

  • First page: As stated above, people rarely go further than the first page. Ranking anywhere, even at number 10, can benefit your business and the websites chance of being visited.
  • Not costly: Once again, making sure your site is well optimised with good content, appropriate images, links etc is free and is more ideal for those on a budget!


  • Time: Making sure your website is well optimised can take time & a lot of effort. If you’re looking for instant results this is not the way to do it.
  • Blends in: Despite being in the top 10, if you don’t rank right at the top or in the local listings, your page can blend in with all the others on the first page – it doesn’t stand out as much.

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