We all know Google is looking for active contributors and this is one of the reasons why regularly creating fresh, relevant content can be so beneficial!

To be active in the eyes of Google it’s essential to add and update blogs, pages & even products. This keeps the website fresh & exciting for everyone!

There is a chance your website could lose it’s authority and value if it’s not kept up to date, so how do you avoid this?


An easy and effective way to have content and regularly update it is to create a blog section.

The blog section can contain a broad variety of topics whether that be news, guides, business updates – the list can go on.

The best content to create for a blog is relevant, answering user questions and leading them to a specific targeted action. This not only makes it beneficial for you in terms of pleasing google, but I can also have a positive effect for business when trying to sell services or items!

Gromedia - Keeping You Website Fresh & Up to date - Blog

Update Website Pages

Gromedia - Keeping Your Website Fresh & Up To Date - Updating Pages

Nothing is ever perfect, pages can always be improved! Over time pages can become outdated as businesses grow and make changes.

Make sure that your website represents your business as well as possible and that the message you are trying to illustrate, or the action you want the user to take, is clear.

Landing Pages

When there is a chance to create a new page for visitors take it!

However, remember Google doesn’t want to see duplicate information, so make sure the page is relevant and different to the other pages on your site.

Keyword research is incredibly useful for this process, allowing you to see what people are searching for and target that audience – creating a page more likely to attract visitors.


Gromedia - Keeping Your Website Fresh & Up To Date - Landing Pages

Website Design

Gromedia - Keeping Your Website Fresh & Up To Date - Website Design

It’s important to keep up with the ever-changing design trends so your website doesn’t fall behind and look outdated.

One of the current trends is ‘flat design’. This has replaced the more outdated textured and gradient design with simple shapes and bright colours!

Update Content Management Systems

When using content management systems, themes and plugins will require regular updates. This is essential to help your website function optimally but also to protect your site from potentially being hacked.

Gromedia offer training in this area, we can help you to use a content management system effectively whether that be adding or updating pages or delving into ecommerce.

Get in touch with us today for more information!

Gromedia - Keeping Your Website Fresh & Up To Date - Updating CMS