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Research & Improvement

Researching & building upon good ideas that work well for relevant businesses.


We can evaluate competitor websites to better understand what works and what doesn’t

Link Profiles

Gromedia can access your competitor link profiles to target link building opportunities.

Competitor Research – Somerset

Competitor Research Somerset

What is Competitor Research?

Competitor research is an important first step in any marketing campaign.

First, you must know your competitors and understand what is and isn’t working for them.

Looking into their websites, social medias, email campaigns, link profiles and understanding how they work can allow you to take on board great ideas that seem to be working, and improve upon them!

There is nothing wrong with using a good idea that is working well for someone else, especially if we can build upon it to make it an even better idea!

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Competitor Research Somerset - Competitor Websites

Competitor Websites

At Gromedia we will perform a full evaluation of your competitor’s website.

This allows us to make a comparison between you and your competitor and then make improvements where needed.

Things we look out for include:

  • Information pages
  • Website functionality & capabilities
  • Navigation
  • Blog
  • Imagery

What are your competitors doing well and how can we replicate this?

If your competitor has these things and you don’t, why not? And how can we bring this to your website in an even better format?

We can help provide the answers to these questions.

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Competitor Research Somerset - Competitor Content Marketing

Competitor Content Marketing

It’s no secret that content is king, so it’s essential the content on your website and in your blog posts is relevant & well written!

As part of our competitor research stage, we at Gromedia will evaluate the site content to establish what your competitors are writing about and how successful that content has been.

If they have written an incredibly successful blog post, how can we use that knowledge to our advantage?

If they have written content that has not done as well, how do we improve upon similar content or do we write it at all?

We can help you make the best decision for you.

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Competitor Research Somerset - Competitor Social Media

Competitor Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is incredibly important these days.

Not only does it increase your online presence and trust, it can also be a very useful advertising tool.

This is why it’s so important to know what your competitors are doing on social media, and Gromedia can help you do this!

Are they using the right social media for your target audience? How successful are their campaigns? What are they posting about that is, or is not, having success?

This information can save you time and help you to try get ahead of your competitors.

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Competitor Research Somerset - Competitor Link Profiles

Competitor Link Profiles

Link Building is incredibly important when it comes to ranking well online and bringing traffic to your website.

At Gromedia, we have the tools to evaluate the link profile of your competitor.

This can allow us to compare your link profiles and then target relevant and beneficial links to work towards pushing you above your competitor and up in the search engine rankings!

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