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Branding conveys the ethos and even personality of a business – it’s important to keep this consistent and use it within your logo design!


Graphic design trends are always evolving! We aim to create a timeless design that stays relevant. Great design is timeless!

Conveys a Message

Your logo design needs to convey a strong message about who you are, what you do and be appropriate for the audience you’re trying to reach!

Logo Design – Somerset

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It’s important to have a strong understanding of your business identity! Who are you? What are your strengths? What messages are you trying to convey?

As a first step, we begin researching and recognising these things to set the standards for the way forward – it’s incredibly important when designing a business logo.

Another key stage is to identify your audience. This becomes especially powerful when trying to engage your chosen audience. If they don’t connect with your logo because they believe it’s not appropriate for them then you could lose potential business!

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Brand Consistent

At Gromedia we understand how important Branding is for a business. There is so much more to branding than just Logo Design but it’s crucial to make sure that your business logo is consistent with the rest of your branding!

Using the business colour scheme is one way in which we do this. There is no use in setting out with a branded colour scheme and then using something completely different on a logo that is supposed to be representing who you are! To make sure that your potential users recognise you, using the same colours is vital.

If you have a tag line it’s important to make sure it’s consistent with the brand and used elsewhere around the website to make sure it sticks with users.

Typography is also something to consider, using the same fonts in the logo that you have chosen to use in the website!

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Eye Catching

We make sure to design a creative and eye-catching Logo that is consistent with your brand.

It’s essential to display your company appropriately whilst also showing what your business is about to catch potential users attention from the get go!

Often, its powerful to create & use a tagline with your logo because words can convey a strong & relevant message about your business! A sweet, short & memorable tagline can also make you more recognisable!

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Timeless Design

Graphic design trends and fashions are constantly changing and developing and Gromedia are aware of this!

We aim to think out the box and ahead of the game by designing Logo’s that are timeless, meaning in years to come it will still stand up with the relevant trends of the time!

In the 90’s Gradients were all the rage and used everywhere, nowadays if you’re using a gradient design your Logo will look dated – a turn off for potential users!

Working outside of current trends whilst still making your logo look relevant and modern is something we aim to do for you!

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