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Research & Planning

Have an online marketing plan based on research and insight.
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Monitoring & Reporting

Put the right monitoring tools in place to best understand your Return-On-Investment. A clear view on success!

In-House Training

We offer online marketing training to help your business make the most of your online project. Self-sufficiency is the aim!

Online Marketing – Somerset

Online Marketing Somerset - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Being No.1 in Google is the goal for all online businesses.

Our Search Engine Optimisation services cover a wide range of SEO tactics including keyword research, on-page optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, link building and content marketing.

All of this is backed up with careful monitoring and reporting which helps your business make confident decisions based on Actionable Data.

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Local SEO

Recent updates to the Google algorithm mean that Local SEO is playing an ever more important role in online search.

Local SEO and Google+ Local optimisation are vital to any business with ambitions of reaching a specific geographical audience.

Citations now play a huge role in how your website performs locally. Make sure you pay attention to your website’s local reputation.

Is you business doing enough to reach its local audience online?

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising offers a number of benefits:

  • Instant Access to Top Rankings
  • Highly Targeted Advertising
  • Strong Monitoring Tools
  • Increased Access to Google Keyword Stats

Make sure your PPC advertising campaign is well-researched, lean, efficient and, most importantly, offers a great Return-On-Investment.

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Online Marketing Somerset -Social Media Merketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows you go to engage with your online audience in their territory. It offers an unique opportunity to become involved in discussions that matter to your customer.

Mixing with online influencers and becoming an important part of the online community can greatly improve the standing of your business online.

Whether you are reaching out through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest; make sure your company is actively seeking out your customer rather than waiting for him/her to come to you.

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Keyword Research

Quality Keyword Research is a vital first step towards online success. It allows you to identify the keywords that hold the greatest potential for your business.

Competition and Traffic Levels are two of the most important metrics by which a keyword can be assessed. There is no point in chasing a highly competitive keyword that has low traffic. Why not chase the keywords that have high levels of traffic and low competition?

Do you have a firm understanding of the keywords that are important to your business?

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Link Building

If you’re looking to increase search engine traffic to your website then Link Building is a must!

Recent updates to the Google algorithm have meant great changes in how links are viewed and, as a result, how link building is performed. There is now a heavy emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Content creation, effective outreach, market research and psychology all play a part in an effective link building campaign.

Make sure that your website benefits from a healthy and balanced link profile.

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