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Research & Planning

Make sure you have a content marketing plan based on research and insight. Get it right from the start!

Content is King

Content creation is incredibly powerful, bringing in traffic, trust & authority – it really is king!


Writing content is not enough! Make sure you’re promoting and reaching out to gain traffic!

Content Marketing – Somerset

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Content is King

You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ before and that’s because it’s true! Content marketing is now more important than ever and if it’s done properly it can reap big rewards!

So, why is content king?

Google is always looking for active contributors and creating fresh and relevant content is an excellent way to contribute!

On top of this it’s great for search engine optimisation because it provides a space for you to write 300-500 words of relevant content featuring keywords and internal links! These things are an excellent way to boost your rankings.

Content is a great way to establish your business as an authority and in turn gain trust from your users. Trust is key because it can influence a customer or user to purchase your products or services!

By writing quality content you can increase traffic as it’s a great way to drive users to your website!

As you can see, content truly is king! Claim your free consultation to discuss content marketing options for you!

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Creating a Plan

Creating quality content isn’t as simple as sitting down and writing a blog post. As with anything, it’s essential to create a detailed and comprehensive content marketing plan!

The first step in any plan is to identify your audience, what do they want to read about? Then make it relevant to your business.

Keyword research is also another essential part in the planning process, what keywords are your audience searching for and how can you use them to your advantage?

Make sure that blog posts are regular. As previously stated, Google loves fresh new content so waiting months in between posts won’t have the same effect as regular updates and this will keep your audience engaged too.

We can create a content marketing plan for you, get in touch and talk to our experience team about your needs!

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Creating Quality Content

To create the best content for your business you need to put yourself in your customers shoes.

What questions will they have about your products or services? What content can you create to answer these questions? Creating valuable content like this is essential!

Elevating your website as a truly useful and relevant resource allows you to establish yourself as an authority which is incredibly beneficial.

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It’s not enough to just write your content and hope that users will flock to your website to read it!

To create traffic, it is essential to advertise the content you’ve written which can be easily done through social media platforms!

The most beneficial way to promote your content is to reach out to other authorities on the subject and begin link building.

Link building is the process in which you begin gaining links from other established websites. Doing this will not only increase traffic, thanks to a trusted website essentially directing their readers or users to you, but it is also an incredibly powerful search engine optimisation technique that can improve your rankings!

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