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PPC is an incredibly targeted form of marketing, allowing you to focus on the specific audience you want results from! 


With PPC you only pay when a user clicks your link, with optimised landing pages this can be incredibly effective for conversions.


A more affordable PPC venture, this process allows you to use Google’s display network to target your audience.

Pay Per Click – Somerset

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What Is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and it is what it sounds like, a marketing technique in which advertisers will pay a fee every time their advert is clicked.

It is a way in which you can buy visits to your site instead of achieving them organically. The way this works is a search engine will allow advertisers to bid on a specific keyword that is related to their business or product. If you are successful your landing page will be placed in a key area of a search engine such as the top spot!

If done correctly pay per click advertising is a very powerful marketing method.

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Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a popular system that has been developed to assist advertisers in a PPC campaign.

This system gives you plenty of flexibility, allowing you to bid on placement of your ad and giving you the opportunity to try and catch the attention of potential visitors with a short text ad!

Research tells us that more than 80% of users don’t move past the first page of google so the closer to the top of the page you are, the more likely you are to receive a higher volume of traffic!

Google AdWords is incredibly targeted, focusing on individuals who have specifically entered in a relevant keyword of yours looking for a product or service. With a well optimised landing page this increases chances of conversion.

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Other PPC Avenues

Although Google AdWords is the most popular PPC system, there are plenty of other avenues which can offer you just as successful results.
One of these alternative options is Facebook.
The Facebook PPC system is in some ways far more targeted than other options simply because Facebook knows so much about it’s users!

If you own a furniture business and want to target new homeowners or people who have just moved to a new house, Facebook PPC can make this happen! As you can imagine, if used correctly, this can have excellent results!

There are also other Search engine options such as Bing. Although Bing is nowhere near as popular as Google, this can have its own benefits as it means bidding prices are much lower – ideal for advertisers on a budget.

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Remarketing is a more affordable alternative to regular Pay per click options. It allows you to put targeted ads in front of visitors who have previously visited your website using Googles Display Network.

This is done whilst they browse elsewhere on the internet, they are then reminded of your products or a recent purchase they nearly made and perhaps will revisit and then the conversion will be made.

You may be wondering how this works? It’s all done through cookies! Cookies will be placed on your visitor’s machine if they meet certain criteria specified by you. The ID is then added to a list and you may have multiple lists all outlining different criteria.

For example, perhaps you want to target users who visited a specific product page but exited in the checkout stage? A display add will be placed in front of them encouraging them to finish their purchase when they visit websites that allow google advert placements!

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