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Make sure you have a social media marketing plan based on research and insight.

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Social Media Marketing – Somerset 

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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Today you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use at least one of the most popular social media platforms!
The benefits of social media marketing are endless and, if done correctly, can truly grow your business and your brand!

Firstly, it is so important to have outlets where your customers or clients can reach you! Not only does this build trust, it allows you to connect and interact with your customers which improves loyalty!

Social media is also a great way to share content and news with customers whilst also directing them to your website! In doing this you can gain a lot more traffic and have a positive effect on your ranking.

Social media can be incredibly powerful! Let’s get the ball rolling – claim your free consultation today!

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Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

Jumping straight into a social media campaign can have detrimental effects! As with most things, creating a plan is the best way to approach any marketing campaign.

Firstly, it’s very important to identify your audience and what platform would be best to target! If you’re a B2B company, using certain platforms such as Instagram would be less effective than using a business focused platform like LinkedIn!

Once you’ve identified your audience it is important to put a regular posting schedule into place, posting once a year won’t be sufficient!

We can create and execute a comprehensive social media plan for your business!

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Social Media Channels

At Gromedia we have experience with many different social media channels including:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Google+
• Instagram
• Youtube
• Pinterest

With so many social media platforms around we are always open to any other suggestions suited to your business and social media marketing campaign!

Get in touch today, we’re always happy to help!

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Pay Per Click

The most well-known Pay Per Click platform is AdWords but most, if not all, social media platforms offer it too!

Facebook advertising in particular is truly a great PPC avenue! Thanks to the large amount of active Facebook users updating their status and adding life events, Facebook PPC allows you to place incredibly targeted ad’s in front of the right audience.

Are you Jeweler? With Facebook PPC you can choose to target your ad towards an audience who have just changed their relationship status to ‘engaged’!

As mentioned before, as a B2B business it may be more effective for you to use LinkedIn’s PPC system! This is a great way to generate business to business leads with effective ads.

We can tell you all you need to know about your Pay per click options! Get in touch today & claim your free consultation.

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