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Don”t risk it! We offer safe & secure Web Hosting with an excellent 99.999% proven reliability.

Website Speed

Slow loading times can affect conversion rates! Our web hosting ensures high speed thus improving the user experience.

Backed-Up Information

We can offer you the option to back up your files regularly! This means  any lost information is easy to reinstate.

Web Hosting – Somerset

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Competitive Price

Web hosting is essential a place to store your website and it’s incredibly important!

Without somewhere to host your website users will not be able to access or view it, which would defeat the purpose of most websites.

At Gromedia, we’re pleased to offer web hosting services with excellent features available – all at a competitive price!

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It is crucial to use safe & secure web hosting as any type of security breach can seriously harm your site and in some cases your business – especially if you plan on getting user/customer information via your website.

Thankfully we can offer web hosting that is established, trusted and has a 99% proven reliability rate!

On top of this, regular back-ups can be kept so that if anything went wrong it would be easy to reinstate.

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Website Speed

At Gromedia we recognise how important website speed is, especially in terms of how it can affect conversion rates!

Due to this, every effort is make sure your website is running at optimal speed. One of the ways this can be done is through caching.

Caching is essentially where website information can be stored locally and ‘cached’. When this is done, retrieving information is much quicker because it can access the information from the cache rather than waiting for information to be sent from the server – which could be stored internationally!

There are many different types of caching and we can implement them all.

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Additional Services

Further to everything else there are plenty of other services available!

We can offer you different web hosting packages to fit your needs all of which can include a range of disk space, bandwidth and unlimited parked & sub domains!

Further to this, on a monthly basis our team makes sure that all websites are up to date with the latest systems and plugins. This is to ensure that your website is functioning with the most up to date technology but it is also important in terms of security.

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