how to boost eCommerce sales over Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the time to start planning is now – it’s never too early!

The Christmas period is arguably the most important time of year for retailers and eCommerce businesses, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimised and working hard in all the right ways to ensure you’re boosting sales!

Firstly, it’s important that your eCommerce website has all the features and functionality needed to allow your website to flourish!

Here is our advice on how to boost eCommerce sales over Christmas!

eCommerce at Christmas - the busiest time of year!
Online Christmas Shopping

Plan Ahead

The Christmas period doesn’t just begin in December, if you want to make the most of the seasonal sales you need to be thinking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday too.

Many of us leave the planning for the holiday season too late because we’re busy with other things throughout the year.

However, the earlier you get planning the better your campaign is going to be.

At Gromedia we can work with you to create a comprehensive plan for the christmas period looking into different digital marketing campaigns including email & PPC.

We will look into your historical analytic data & identify opportunities to try and really boost sales this Christmas.

Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

It’s very important to identify your audience and understand the platforms they will be using and interacting with to ensure the widest reach.

Email campaigns are great over Christmas as it allows you to send out incredibly targeted content that educates your customers on products available. It’s also a great way to offer promotions and discounts, creating incentive.

Social media campaigns are also very important so make sure that you’re being social! Encourage your customers to share and create unique offers and content that engages users whilst also directing them to important information/products.

As always, content is king. Make sure you have a solid content marketing plan in place that allows you to update your blog regularly but provides engaging and useful content for readers whilst also encouraging them to buy your products!

Gromedia has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating great digital marketing campaigns. If you would like our help, get in touch today and claim your free consultation!

Creating a Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign
Pay-per-Click and Remarketing at Christmas

Pay Per Click & Remarketing

Pay per click & remarketing advertising can be incredibly powerful over the Christmas period and generate a lot of income for those using it effectively with a well thought out strategy!

Remarketing especially can be really useful in creating a constant reminder for visitors to the website which could just be enough to send them back and make that final purchase!

It’s important to do your research at this stage, try to identify keywords with low levels of competition and a high level of monthly searches.

In terms of creating the ad, make sure it is consistent with your Christmas message and try to make it stand out as much as possible.

Another technique to consider is creating bespoke landing pages. This is a powerful way to ensure that your pages are completely targeted to the products or collections you’re promoting.

Are you looking to do pay per click advertising over Christmas? We can help! Claim your free consultation today!

Search Engine Optimisation

Before starting your Christmas campaigns, ensure that your website is fully optimised both on page and off page.

This will allow you to have the best start to your campaign whilst maintaining or improving your rankings!

One place to pay particular attention too is your checkout page. To avoid cart abandonment, make sure your checkout process is easy, clear and that all information is available from the start!

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation at Christmas
Bring some Christmas joy to your website

A Christmas Touch

Seeing as it’s Christmas, it’s time to give your website a Christmas make over! Add a little sparkle and perhaps a Christmas hat here and there!

Not only does it create a great atmosphere online, it also makes your website look active and fun!

It’s a great personal touch!

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