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Communicate with your audience using Blogs, Newsletters, Videos and Website Content as a way to engage and grow your customer base without directly selling to them.

Create a positive experience for your customers by delivering consistent and useful content that will answer their questions and compel them to come back for more.

Educate and inform your customers about how your product or service can solve their problems.

Demonstrate your values and brand personality through content that engages and excites.

Relax knowing that we publish regular content to grow your audience, develop your brand awareness and increase sales.

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    We guarantee to improve your brand reputation with quality content

    Features & Benefits

    Establish Trust

    Create quality content to build trust & improve brand reputation.

    Increase Website Traffic

    Quality, sharable content gains traction on social media & increases website traffic.

    Increase Audience Retention

    Create a positive experience for your customers.

    Increases Leads

    Connect with your audience to influence their purchase decision.

    Brand Personality

    Demonstrate your personality, values and customer promise.

    Enhance SEO

    Google rates good content that demonstrates expertise, authority and trust.

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    How It Works

    We’ll research and write content that excites and educates the reader to increase sales and website traffic.

    To design a content strategy that will work to achieve your business goals, we’ll go through the below processes:

    • We Learn -Analyse
    • We Plan – Planning
    • We Write – Content Creation
    • We Support – We Keep Going

    We’ll spend time to understand from you what specific business objectives you hope to meet with a Content Marketing strategy.

    We also need to understand what sort of content interests your customers.

    We’ll take time to listen to what you have learnt so far in the content you have already published, and your experience with your customers on social media.

    We’ll also spend time to research your company, the industry and your competitors so that we understand the best type of content that will work best for you.

    We’ll plan a strategy that provides clear direction on how each month’s content will help to achieve your business objectives. This guides us to then plan a month’s worth of content to ensure it’s relevant, varied and useful to the customer.

    The content type, be it in the form of blogs, newsletters, videos, website content etc will all depend on your type of business and what your customers like. This content will be created in a way that will engage and grow your customer base without directly selling to them.

    We’ll ensure you’re happy with this plan, adding any ideas that you have before we move to the writing stage.

    We spend the time researching and writing the content applying our writing skills to write clear informative content that drives interest.

    You’ll be given the chance to approve each and every item before it’s either handed back to you for publishing or for us to publish as part of our service to you.

    Our content marketing services work best when used over time.

    The overarching strategy will help to deliver a consistent stream of content to your customers.

    We’ll keep on top of the key performance indictors to ensure the content is getting the results you need, and if they’re not, we’ll tweak the plan to ensure the content is helping to grow your business online.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is content marketing?2021-04-09T16:00:24+00:00

    Anything you view online – an article, video, image, graphic or illustration is content. Content provides information and knowledge to the reader.

    Content marketing is a strategic process of publishing various types of content through multiple channels, to build long term and valuable relationships with a customer audience.

    Why is content marketing important?2021-04-09T15:56:35+00:00

    Without content there are empty web pages, and no information to solve a customer’s problem with a product or service from your business.

    Using content helps to build brand awareness as well as credibility and authority.

    Do I need a content marketing strategy?2021-04-09T15:57:23+00:00

    If your goals or objectives involve getting more sales, increasing an online presence or increasing your customer base, then a strong content marketing strategy can make a huge difference.

    It is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

    How do you measure its success?2021-04-09T15:57:42+00:00

    Each business will choose to have different markers of success for content.

    It may be the number of sales of a particular product, or a target increase in social media engagement.

    Whatever parameter is important to you, we’ll use that to tailor your strategy and to measure its success.

    How does content marketing affect SEO?2021-04-09T15:58:12+00:00

    SEO is about making your content visible to the right people.

    There is no point to SEO unless you have content for your audience to view.

    Publishing regular and relevant content has the added benefit of increasing your Google ratability therefore pushing you up the search rankings.

    The more times your content is viewed, the further up you go.

    Publishing interesting and high-quality content will get more people reading it.

    Can I write my own content?2021-04-09T15:58:36+00:00

    Yes you can, but it takes time and ideas!

    Good content writing requires expertise and experience.

    Our marketers are dedicated to writing content that works for you.

    Why does content marketing work?2021-04-09T15:59:58+00:00

    Content marketing works because you are not actively selling anything!

    This sounds counterintuitive, however, content that educates or solves a potential customer’s problem without the obligation of a sale helps to establish trust.

    Your trusting audience, who are a mix of current and future customers, are then far more likely to turn to your company when the need for your product or service arises.

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