Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Speak To Your Customers Directly With Email Marketing

Keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds with an email campaign that drives sales and website traffic.

Send targeted messages to specific customers with your latest content, news and offers in professionally designed and branded emails, straight to their inbox.

Build a meaningful relationship with your customer audience with a well managed email schedule that is designed to bring results.

Our expertise lies in our skills to design professional email layouts and quality content that interests and informs the customer.

With Gromedia, you can be confident your email marketing activities are working to help grow you business online.

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    We guarantee to deliver a targeted email campaign

    Features & Benefits

    Increase Sales

    Create offers and ‘straight to checkout’ purchase options.

    Instant Impact

    See sales results, or social media traction within minutes.

    Reach a Global Audience

    Reach thousands of customers all over the world with a single email.

    Fully Managed Email Lists

    We manage and maintain your email lists to help in targeted email campaigns.

    Targeted Messaging

    Send specific messages to each customer group.

    Measure What Works

    Track email opens & click-throughs to spot what your customers like.

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    How It Works

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