How to Create a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan is an essential step in any marketing strategy.

It’s important to know the campaign goals in order to make a marketing strategy as successful as possible – having a plan is the first step in the right direction!

A comprehensive plan should outline exactly what needs to be done to reach targets in the most effective way.

Benefits of Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

There are many benefits to having a marketing plan in place!

Three main benefits include:

  • Provides direction for marketing organisation – Firstly, it’s useful for marketing organisations as it provides a direction to follow, making it easier to focus on exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by!
  • Allows the client to know what is involved in their marketing strategy – When the client knows what is planned for their campaign, it gives them assurance.
  • Makes it possible to measure success – Measuring the success of a marketing campaign is extremely important as it allows you to go back to the client and prove that their goals have been met. It also makes it possible to decipher what worked and what didn’t.

Getting Started

A good first step to take when creating a digital marketing plan is to evaluate the current situation of the client or business that you have taken on.

Taking these first steps gives you the knowledge to establish where the client is and in turn how to move forward effectively. This is essential in providing a foundation for a successful and comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Important things to analyse include:

  • What is their website domain authority?
  • Are they ranking?
  • What needs to be improved on the website?

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

Once this foundation is in place you can begin to create a 12-month plan that covers an overview of tasks and goals to be completed and achieved throughout the year.

Separating tasks into monthly categories is a useful way to keep organised, whilst allowing your client to know what to expect each month.

Once the comprehensive 12-month plan is complete, you can then begin to think about creating smaller digital marketing plans for certain tasks outlined – e.g. email marketing.

What to Include in a Digital Marketing Plan

Every organisation can have a different outlook when it comes to creating an online marketing plan.

At Gromedia, we believe there are 3 main stages to include when writing your comprehensive digital marketing plan:

  • Stage 1: Research & Analysis
  • Stage 2: Improving the Website
  • Stage 3: Increase Online Reach

Stage 1: Research & Analysis

Doing your research is a valuable and natural first step.

Processes such as keyword research give an insight into important keywords based around a client’s business or website. This can help when trying to create landing pages and content on the website.

It is then possible to monitor these keywords and track progress, allowing us to see how successful a campaign has been.

This stage makes it easier to target areas that are most likely to yield results by focusing on ‘low hanging fruits’.

Stage 2: Improve Website

Using the research done in stage 1, you should outline any improvements to be made to a website and ideally when these changes will be made.

Improvements can vary from improving content on pages to changing the design of the website!

It’s important that these improvements are laid out clearly so that everybody involved understands what is to be expected and when.

Stage 3: Increase Online Reach

An extremely important stage – this part of the plan will pave the way to ensure more visitors arrive on a website!

To increase online reach, you can outline activities that work on the following:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC

As stated, a comprehensive Digital Marketing plan should contain an overview of all tasks to be completed to reach outlined targets.

However, you should consider creating specific and more in-depth plans for certain works such as the above.

This allows for more detail than the overview in the 12-month marketing plan – giving the client and yourself a clear and more defined direction.

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