How To Write Quality Content for The Web

Targeted Web Content Writing Skills

Writing for the web is an incredibly important skill to have. The way in which you might write for a magazine or newspaper is completely different than how you would write for the web.

We write differently for the web to try and attract and engage consumers; certain things may turn people away from your page and so if you wish to keep them interested you must write in the right way.

So, how do you do this?

“To The Point” Writing

Attention span is short online.

If a user or potential customer were to click on your page and see a wall of text, it is likely they would quickly back out of that page in the search of a simpler, more to the point website or page.

Bringing us to our first tip: when writing for the web make your sentences and paragraphs short, sweet and space them out well.

The more paragraphs and short sentences, the easier it is to read and less intimidating on arrival.

Targeted Web Content Writing Skills
Online Content Writing - Structure

Organised Layout

H1, H2, H3 etc. These are truly important. Using Headers & sub headers to organise and layout your page not only makes it easier to find relevant information and look more organised or attractive, it also optimises the page well.

However, consider the hierarchy of header tags. You should only use one H1 and then work your way down to H2 & H3 if necessary, jumping from a H1 to H3 is not as useful.

Don’t forget to add images & videos within your layout, this is important too. An eye catching and colourful page is more likely to increase interest and in turn increase the time spent on you page.

Targeted Writing

Your content should be targeted to a certain goal or action and your writing should be showing this.

What do you want the user to do next? Write your content with that thought in mind.

You should make use of internal links to support other pages on your site and direct towards interesting content elsewhere on the site.

Content Writing Tips
On-page-Optimisation for Quality Content Writing

On Page Optimisation

On page optimisation is essential if you’re trying to arrive On Google’s first page.

Your content should include optimisation techniques such as:

  • Keywords Optimisation – What are the main and surrounding keywords for your content? Make sure to use them regularly. However, remember not to use them too often because this can become repetitive to read and you can be penalised by google for this too! Not to forget that keyword stuffing can hurt your chances for link building- if your content doesn’t read well because it is full of the same keywords throughout the text, nobody with any authority will want to link to that content.
  • Alt Tags – It’s important to use your alt tags. They are there to help the visually impaired when using the web. Google also uses alt tags to understand images better.
  • Meta Details – Meta details are incredibly important, as these can decide what your potential users will see when they search for something relevant to your site online. Use this as a chance to catch their attention and call them to action!


Writing content should be fun, don’t be afraid to add some personality if it’s appropriate, just make sure all your information is accurate and true.
Follow these tips and you’ll be writing for the web like a pro!

Successful Content Writing

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