Milestone – Gromedia’s First International Client

Gromedia Acquires Their First International Client

After many years of providing our services for customers within the UK, we are delighted to announce the acquisition of our first international client – Blue Ocean Industries.

Blue Ocean Industries are a CNC machining and engineering design business based all the way over in Brisbane, Australia.

We will be working with them regularly in the coming months to improve their website, which will involve working on branding, written content and web design.

Mobile-friendly, responsive web design
Mobile-friendly and responsive web design
Mobile-friendly and responsive web design

What the Project will Involve

When working on a website, this is usually split into three stages – Asset Creation, Website Development and On-going maintenance.

Before we get started on re-shaping their website, it’s important to get all the assets in place that they’ll need so the web development process in much smoother.

Step 1 – Asset Creation

  • Re-branding

  • Gathering all logos, images and content we need for each page

  • Blue Ocean Industries will be getting a professional photographer to take photos for them, which will be hugely beneficial in giving their website a more personal feel and better representing their services

Step 2 – Website Development

  • Re-designing website

  • Content improvements

  • Adding new assets to each page

Step 3 – On-going Maintenance

Once the website is live, we’re more than happy to provide on going support if they choose, this includes:

  • Digital marketing services (see here)

  • Updating the website with new content and pages

  • Ensuring the website is secure and functioning as it should

The Future for Gromedia

Acquiring our first international client is a huge step in Gromedia’s journey and we hope this acts as a springboard for us to work for more international businesses.

Working for a number of clients in different industries and lines of work has always been a fun challenge, but this presents a new and exciting challenge, even if it will require strong coordination due to time-zone differences!

Either way, we can now say we are an international web agency.

Mobile-friendly and responsive web design

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