Translating Tufcot’s Website into 4 Different Languages!

Tufcot Translation Project

Gromedia are currently involved in a major project with one of our clients – Tufcot.

Tufcot are an international success story, being one of the few genuine UK manufacturers to export their goods internationally and a large portion of their sales come from outside of the UK.

The project will involve translating their entire website into 4 other languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
Mobile-friendly, responsive web design
Mobile-friendly and responsive web design

Tufcot’s International Venture So Far

Tufcot are the sole Tufcot® composite materials manufacturer and a large part of their international success is down to the lack of worldwide, direct competition for their material.

They are one of the few manufactures they deliver their material globally and have built up a selection of international customers and suppliers.

One of Tufcot’s key objectives has been to make sure their website is accessible to all of these customers and suppliers who don’t use English as their first language.

To begin with we translated their product brochure into a number of different languages, but the next step was to translate the entire website.

Our Role in the Project

The extent of this project is massive, but can be split into the three stages below:

Stage 1

  • Improve English Content – Before anything was translated we needed to make sure the website was as perfect as it could be in English.  Everything from the content, images, videos and design needed to be clear and easily digestible. This would make the translation process much smoother.

Stage 2

  • Working With Translators – Once this is completed, it’s a case of taking all the content from the website and sending it off to be translated. We’re getting translators to translate the website into 4 languages – French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Stage 3

  • Internationalise Website – Then it’s our job to add the content back to all different pages on the website, in four different languages. There will essentially be 4 different versions of the website, all in different languages. We need to ensure each has the same functionality.
Mobile-friendly and responsive web design
Mobile-friendly and responsive web design

A Word from Our Managing Director, Marc Osborne

We are delighted to help Tufcot in this internationalisation project.

Translating their entire website is a huge task, but we know how it will benefit their international customers, as not all of them are fluent English speakers. This is not only a big step forward for Tufcot, but for Gromedia – working on a project of this magnitude.

Tufcot are at the forefront of international trade and we are proud to be a part of it.

Marc Osborne, Director of Gromedia

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