Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Start a PPC campaign that is one of the most effective methods to increase web traffic to your website.

Spotlight the PPC campaign on a specific product or event and see almost instant growth in your website traffic and sales leads.

Target your customer demographic and tailor you campaign to those most likely to buy and get your product seen thousands of times.

Stay in control of your budget with a PPC campaign that is planned by experts, tailored to your business and measured to assess your return on investment.

Be confident that with Gromedia, you can turn clicks into customers and grow your business online.

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    We guarantee to increase high-quality leads to your business

    Features & Benefits

    PPC Audit

    We perform an audit to better understand your needs before we start the campaign.

    PPC Management

    Focused experts to cut costs and improve results.

    Qualified PPC Specialists

    A ‘Google Partner’ with over 10 years experience, knowing all there is to know

    Shopping Adverts

    Your products placed right in front of your customer’s eyes

    Customer Targeting

    Target a specific demographic of customer to improve sales conversions

    Long Term Support

    Supported through your first campaign and thereafter to ensure you’re getting results

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    How It Works

    Be confident a PPC campaign with Gromedia will achieve the results your business needs. Throughout the planning, implementation and monitoring, we’ll tailor your PPC campaign specifically to your target customers.  Our PPC campaign service typically includes:

    • We Analyse – Full PPC Audit
    • We Plan – Behind the Scenes
    • We Launch – Implementation
    • We Monitor – Learn What’s Working
    • We Report – Evidence Based Reporting

    We take the time to learn from you about your business, the products you wish to promote and the targeted customer demographic.

    We’ll also establish if it’s a straight-to-product ‘click-through’ or a more specific customer journey to a dedicated landing or web page.

    We’d like hear from you what PPC or other advertising exercises you have run in the past, how successful they were and what you’ve learnt from them.

    We aim to fully understand what it is you hope to achieve from a PPC campaign and establish which platform would best deliver the results you need.

    This is where expertise is invaluable. Our Google Partner PPC expert will design as a campaign with carefully selected keywords to really bring in the results.

    Your customer journey will be carefully planned and created with all the elements to ensure a cohesive approach and an excellent customer experience.

    Working within your budget, we’ll plan the campaign timing and length to ensure you get the most out of your budget.

    All prepared ahead of time, your campaign will go live at the time you expect.

    We’ll help you stay in control of your money by setting a maximum spend, and the campaign will run until your budget is reached.

    Relax that your campaign will run to get the desired results but not over spend.

    We continuously monitor your campaign checking that the parameters we have put in place are maximising your results.

    Using our PPC performance tools, we can check that your products are not being our performed by your competitors and if they are, we’ll tweak it.

    We’ll also want to hear about any increase in web traffic or sales that you’re experiencing.

    We want your PPC campaign to be a success and for you to be able to understand the results yourself.

    We’ll provide ongoing monthly reports from the PPC campaign platform so you can see just how well your budget is working for you.

    We’ll explain any changes that were made within the month and any recommendations we have going forward.

    Feel confident that with Gromedia, your PPC campaign is working efficiently and effectively, throughout.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is PPC Advertising?

    Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is the strategic placement of adverts on search engine results pages.

    Your advert appears in the sponsored results after someone searches for your business type or product.

    It uses carefully selected keywords, chosen by you – the advertiser, to target people whose search words match your keywords.

    The paid-for link is then automatically shown inviting the searcher to click on it.

    As the name suggests, you’re only charged if the advert link is clicked.

    Which PPC advertising platforms are best for my business?

    The main platforms are Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads and Facebook.

    The best platform will depend upon your business type and we’ll work with you to establish which one is best.

    When would I need to use PPC advertising?

    It would typically be used when immediate results are required such as product launches, seasonal promotions, time sensitive offers and events.

    It’s quick to deliver and there are easy ways to measure its success using key metrics within the PPC platform.

    It would also be useful for when you are wanting to attract a highly specific audience demographic or when your website SEO isn’t able to position your site on the front page.

    How much does PPC advertising cost?

    You have the freedom to choose your budget.

    The bigger the budget, the more clicks you can receive.

    The price per click is where it gets a bit technical, but don’t worry – we’ll take time to explain it to you to ensure you understand where your money is going and how you can stay in control.

    What outcome should I expect to see?

    The main aim of PPC advertising is to increase traffic to your website so you can expect to see an increase in website traffic.

    From an increase in traffic, you would naturally expect to see an increase in valuable prospects and ultimately sales.

    Do I have to do a PPC campaign all year round?

    It depends very much on what type of business you are, the time of year and when you want to see a boost in sales.

    The great thing about PPC advertising is that you can control when you’d like it to be active.

    How will we measure success?

    We’ll help you analyse the success of the campaign by ensuring you understand the data generated from the PPC platform.

    You can also determine the overall success by looking at business sales as well as the number and quality of prospects that you have received within the campaign time frame.

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