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Optimise your website making it discoverable, trusted and relevant to beat your competition in appearing first in your customer’s search engine results.

Drive website traffic and improve sales leads with a website that is slick, easy to navigate and full of useful, informative content.

Have the confidence that’ll we’ll get the technical aspect squared away then work to enhance your website to become discoverable, trusted and relevant in the ‘eyes’ of Google.

Work with Gromedia, and see your website deliver quality leads time and time again.

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    We guarantee to increase your website’s visibility

    Features & Benefits

    Increase Leads

    If you’re at the top of a search result, you will get increased web traffic and higher quality leads.

    Grow Brand Awareness

    A high search ranking indicates you’re a top industry player and a successful brand.

    Effective Return On Investment

    If you’re at the top in searches, why pay for more advertising?

    A Strategy That Works

    Getting to the top takes time, but once you’re there your business with reap the rewards

    Improved User Experience

    An easy-to-navigate website keeps customers happier and online with you for longer.

    Regular Reporting

    Detailed SEO reports will give you a clear view of the progress being made

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    How It Works

    Our SEO services to enhance your website bringing it to the top of your customer’s search results.

    The process is a combination of factors and takes time to achieve.

    Our SEO services follow the below process to ensure that we take a holistic approach to ensure you’re website performs for you.

    • We Analyse – Full SEO Audit
    • We Optimise – Check Website Fundamentals
    • We Perfect User Experience – Content
    • We Test & Report – Ongoing Support

    We conduct a full audit of your SEO status using our specialist SEO tools.

    We’ll look at your website code, it’s content, it’s user friendliness and other SEO specific markers.

    We also look and experience your website to assess its usability and customer journey.

    Websites that are easy to navigate and hold a visitor’s interest will see customers spending longer on the site, and more likely to buy or become a tangible lead.

    Content is an important factor and we’ll determine what activities could further enhance your site’s SEO status placing you as a leader in your industry.

    Using the results of our SEO audit, we’ll enhance the code of your website, ensure all the elements are there to make it a website that Google deems reputable.

    We’ll ensure all your images are labelled correctly and in a way that Google understands.

    We’ll ensure the right keywords are used throughout your site and the html code and structure is as needed.

    Then we test it!

    And if our SEO tools find anything to improve, we re-visit until we’re satisfied.

    A large part of SEO is your website’s user experience and the content you publish.

    We’ll tweak your website’s structure to enhance the customer journey to help keep customers online.

    The longer a visitor remains on your site, the more likely they are to buy.

    We’ll also look to see if we can improve your content to improve your sites perceived authority.

    Regularly updating your website with useful and informative content that customers react with and share will help to improve on this Google SEO marker.

    SEO is not an overnight success solution, it typically takes 2-3 months to start to see the results.

    This is because Google takes time to find and process your website before it can assign the authority it deserves.

    We regularly assess your site’s SEO status with our specialist tools and continuously enhance and improve it as required.

    Talk to us about combining SEO activity with Social Media services or Content Marketing so you can own a website that will be driven right to the top!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in the results of relevant searches.

    In simple terms, it helps to make your website appear higher up in the search results such as Google therefore increasing the chances of it being clicked on.

    The ultimate goal being to increase online traffic to your website.

    What are the benefits for my business?

    Everyday people conduct trillions of searches using online search engines such as Google or Bing with a view to buying a product or service.

    If someone was to search for your product or service, you would want your business to appear above that of your competition.

    SEO optimisation helps to do just that.

    What does Gromedia’s service involve?

    The first action is a full website audit that we complete using our insightful SEO tools.

    This will give us a complete view of what your website needs to move to the next level.

    We then work to fully optimise your website through content creation, onsite optimisation, offsite optimisation as well as technical SEO (i.e. the “under the hood” view).

    How much does it cost?

    Our SEO packages start at £295 + VAT per month.

    However, this very much depends on how your website is currently performing and what your business objectives are.

    A quick chat with us give you a much clearer idea so please feel free to claim your free consultation.

    What outcome should I expect to see and when?

    The ultimate result is that if a person searched for your product or service, your website or product would appear near or at the top of the search results, therefore resulting in a marked increase in website traffic.

    SEO is not an overnight exercise.

    It takes time for SEO activities to work to their full potential as organic growth can only improve with time.

    We would expect results to start showing within 2-3 months or more quickly if used in conjunction with other strategic digital marketing activities.

    Is SEO a short term campaign?

    No, a longer-term strategy is needed as organic rankings take time to become established and with Google’s algorithms changing from time to time, maintaining a well optimised web presence requires us to stay in the game and adapt to the moving goal posts.

    With our SEO tools and expert knowledge, we’re on it, ready to keep your site at the top!

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