is your website mobile friendly?

Mobile-friendly, responsive web design

Making sure that your website is mobile-friendly is now more important than ever. But how can you check whether your website is mobile-friendly?

There are 3 main tests you can currently use to assess whether you need to improve your mobile optimisation:

  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Browser Stack Test
  • Visual Check

Test 1: Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Go to, enter your website URL and click ‘Analyze’.

This test will give you a simple yes or no answer on whether your website is mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly and responsive web design
Mobile-friendly and responsive web design

Test 2: BrowserStack Test

To go a step further go to

This test will allow you to view your website on a number of different mobile devices.

NOTE: You will need to sign up for their free trial.

Test 3: Visual Check

Finally, you can perform a visual test yourself by looking at your website on a desktop, tablet and smartphone.

You are looking to see if the website is displayed according to the relevant device. Some common problems on mobile devices include:-

  • Text that is too small to read
  • Content that is wider than the screen
  • Constantly having to zoom in and out to view the website
Making sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive on all devices

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