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Work with Gromedia and see your brand and online presence grow.

Our social media service will free up your time so you can focus it on your core business services.

Be confident that our social media marketers will engage with your customers knowing how to use social media to get the results you need in a consistent and measurable way.

We know social media takes time, patience and know-how – we have all three!

Don’t shy away now – Social Media is an essential way to engage with your customers.

It is a powerful business tool that helps develop and understand your online audience, bringing more customers to you.

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    We guarantee to grow your online audience

    Features & Benefits

    Reach your Audience

    Reach your target audience in a personable and meaningful way

    Increase Brand Awareness

    Grow your brand persona and online customer following

    Communicate & Engage

    Engage instantly with clients, help them learn to love your business

    No Long-Term Commitment

    Working with you on rolling contracts for as long as you need

    Cost-Effective Solution

    Relax – we’re a team of experts with the know-how to deliver results

    Clear Reporting

    Clear and easy to understand monthly reports so you can see what’s working

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    How It Works

    Enjoy a personalised social media strategy that is researched and tailored to meet your business objectives.

    Trust that whilst you’re focusing on your core business activities, we’ll be delivering consistent and regular social media posts to grow your online community.

    Using all the specialised tools at our disposal, we’ll keep on top of your competition, engage when needed and provide clear reports so you can see what’s working.

    We’ll run a social media audit on your company and your competitors. This gives us the perfect starting point in understanding where to go next. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on social media for one month or 10 years – we’ll adapt to create a social media strategy that’s right for your business.

    We ‘listen’ to what your customers say, who they’re engaging with and what content they like to share and react to. To understand your market, we need to understand your customers.

    Learning from you, we’ll understand what your business hopes to achieve through your social media activities to help create a personalised strategy that will bring results.

    Our first job will be to check all your accounts are set up correctly, that profiles are written and that no fake or old accounts remain active.

    An overall strategy will be planned encompassing each platform, working with you to tailor it specifically to your business needs. This will show the key direction for all social media activity going forward.

    We’ll design a rolling 30-day schedule of posts aligned to the strategy, your company marketing activities, and relevant key calendar dates.

    If you need us to, our social media marketers can even prepare your content to a schedule that delivers regularly and consistently across the platforms.

    Transparency is key in this process, we want you to be able to see and approve each part of our planning so you can be confident that what we’re doing will work for your business.

    Posting content at the right time is nearly as important as what we post. The initial social media audit will help us understand your customer audience’s online behaviours so we can schedule posts to get the maximum online traction.

    We’ll respond and engage with your customers on your behalf to leverage your brand awareness as much as possible.

    Continuing to ‘listen’ to your customers, we will continuously monitor what’s being said about your company and adapt as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

    Using each social media platform’s insights, we’ll be able to measure each activity in order to continue to build on their successes.

    We can also observe and learn from your competitors so not to miss what’s happening in your industry.

    You’ll be aware of your business social media successes from our simplified monthly generated report. With Gromedia you can be confident you’re getting the results your business needs.

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